backtest your way to profitability

Backtesting Made Easy

How does it work?

Just open Backtestify on one side of your screen (or on another monitor) and the chart next to it. Type in your risk per trade then start backtesting! Every trade you add will be stored so you can later on see it’s P&L, note and trade screenshot. You can assign your own strategies and instruments to your trades so you can track your performance for every strategy and instrument you use.

Why should I backtest?

Backtesting involves applying a strategy or predictive model to historical data to determine its accuracy. It allows traders to test trading strategies without the need to risk capital, which means that they can acquire lots of data about their strategies at no monetary expense. However, backtesting takes time if you don’t have the necessary tools to do it. Spreadsheets may be an option, but they are limited… That’s why we created Backtestify!

How can Backtestify help me?

Backtestify is specifically designed to make it easy and fast for traders to backtest their strategies without the need of spreadsheets or any other tools. You can create unlimited backtesting sessions, backtest unlimited trades, track performance such as P&L, Win Rate, Profit Factor and many more! Not only you get analytics on your backtesting sessions, but you also get analytics on each of your strategies and instruments (which you can manually add on your dashboard – unlimited)

Why choose Backtestify?

As a trader you should always stay organized, focus on what matters and never waste time. We help you achieve all of those 3 characteristics of successful traders by providing you with a platform that is well designed, practical and that saves you time while backtesting.

Backtestify vs Sheets


Advanced Dashboard

Unlimited Backtesting Sessions

Advanced Analytics

Flexible Interface

TradingView Chart Integration

Trades History

Analyze Strategies

Analyze Instruments

Markets overview & Economic Calendar

Mobile Ready

You can even backtest your strategies on the go! Are you on a boring trip or flight? Take out your phone and instead of spending time on social media start backtesting your strategies and acquire as much data as possible.

Market Replay (Coming soon…)

Backtest trades on our market replay feature. Just pick a starting date and time, start the market replay and then place trades as the candles paint. You can change speed, timeframe and pause whenever you wish. Every trade is stored on the app so you can analyze them later on.


Start a 7-day free trial to assure yourself that Backtestify will make you a better trader.