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This is your mentor’s certificate of funding. You’ll learn what strategy he used to get funded and all the information necessary to make you a consistently profitable trader.

Software Overview

Unlimited Accounts

You can add and manage unlimited trading accounts on the platform. Because of the flexibility of the platform you can add evaluation accounts from any prop firm. You just have to provide the account size and the rules of the challenge. The platform will automatically calculate all risk parameters based on the challenge rules. Funded accounts can also be added by providing the account balance.

Trading Plan Builder

The trading plan builder is one of the most powerful tools on the app. You can provide the desired risk per trade (and risk % decrease per losing trade), R:R per trade, trades limit per day, max daily loss and daily target. Based on that information the app will provide you with risk rules for following trades and other useful insights. By following the trading plan you will greatly increase your chances of passing a challenge account.

Trades Journal

You can add trades manually, assign entry models, add mistakes, upload trade screenshots, provide the P&L in 3 different ways (in $, in points, or type in the entry and exit price), write trade notes & more. 

Risk Calculators

Take calculated risks and know the right position size every time before taking a trade. The worst thing you can do in trading is not knowing how much risk you should take per trade and overleveraging your positions.

Daily & Monthly Overview

Take a detailed look at your daily stats, view a summary of every trade and evaluate your monthly performance on a beautifully designed calendar.

Improve Performance

Track and analize your trading based on your entry models, mistakes, instruments, emotions (soon), killzones (soon), market conditions (soon) and a lot more!


Keep a personal journal where you can freely write anything that comes to your mind.

Economic Calendar

Check economic calendar events in real time directly from the app and see the global financial market impact by country and importance with previous, forecast and actual results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose

While you may think is just another trading journaling app it is a powerful tool that helps anyone pass funding challenges through the power of strict risk management. Since you receive the risk parameters on the app before placing the trades you will know exactly how much you can risk, where to place your stop loss and where to take profits. That will help you stay consistent, avoid overtrading and remove a lot emotion from your performance.

Do I get trade signals?

We don’t like to call them signals, but yes you’ll get trade ideas from our team before they happen. Our intention with the trade ideas is for you to learn from experienced traders, not to use them as signals for you to buy and sell like a robot. That’s not learning.

Can I only add challenge accounts?

No. is mainly focused on helping traders get funded, but you can also use the app for your own funded trading accounts. 

How do I add trades?

You can add trades manually. To discourage overtrading we removed the ability to import trades. If you take multiple trades within short periods of time you’re most probably overtrading and that must be stopped. Adding trades manually will make you take your attention away from the charts after every trade (if you don’t add your trades after the trading session) which will highly decrease overtrading.

Do you offer refunds?

While we don’t provide refunds we are always there for you to help you with any questions or needs you may have.