Pass funding challenges with ease helps anyone pass funding challenges and improve trading performance through the power of strict risk management rules and journaling

What’s included?

With you get all the tools necessary for you to succeed as a trader and to help you pass funding evaluations. 

Trading plan builder

Analytics for unlimited trading accounts

Analyze and track your mistakes

Create and analize entry models

Risk and position size calculator

Trader notebook

& many more!

Bonus features

Get the best prop firm suggestions

Get answers for all of your prop firm questions

Dedicated agent to help you get funded

Track evaluation and funded accounts

Trading plan builder

Analytics and trading plans for all accounts

Daily summary and monthly overview

Track your mistakes, entry models & instruments (more soon…)

Risk & position size calculator for Futures, Forex, Indices and more

Notebook & Economic calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose

While you may think is just another trading journaling app it is a powerful tool that helps anyone pass funding challenges through the power of strict risk management. Since you receive the risk parameters on the app before placing the trades you will know exactly how much you can risk, where to place your stop loss and where to take profits. That will help you stay consistent, avoid overtrading and remove a lot emotion from your performance.

Can I only add challenge accounts?

No. is mainly focused on helping traders get funded, but you can also use the app for your own funded trading accounts. 

How do I add trades?

You can add trades manually. To discourage overtrading we removed the ability to import trades. If you take multiple trades within short periods of time you’re most probably overtrading and that must be stopped. Adding trades manually will make you take your attention away from the charts after every trade (if you don’t add your trades after the trading session) which will highly decrease overtrading.

Do you offer refunds?

While we don’t provide refunds we are always there for you to help you with any questions or needs you may have.